About Us

Back9Problems is the Golf brand all about having a good time on and off the course. We love to let loose and have fun, whether were playing a round or hanging in the backyard with our friends.

We understand Golf can be a serious sport, but we're not here to take ourselves too seriously. Thats why we created apparel and accessories with you in mind. From our "Tucan Jam" to the subtle "Ghost Camo" polos we have something for every golfer. From professional drinker to scratch golfer and everyone in between.

Back9Problems is also a brand with heart, we understand that golf is bigger than taking a walk and hitting a ball, or pounding some golf water with your friends. Golf is also an amazing avenue for charity. Here at back9problems we work with many charities and offer a portion of each sale to charity organizations. You can check our Charities to find a charity to help us donate to. If you don't see a charity that you want to donate to please reach out to us so we can find a way to help you out! To make it even better, when you use any of the codes associated with a charity you also get 10% off your order! 

When you shop with back9problems you're not only getting high quality functional apparel at a great price but you're helping foster kids in Arizona, or Donating to the college fund for children of fallen officers. 

So come on, grab your clubs and join us in making a positive impact on the world, one awesome polo at a time.